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I’m female, 26 years old and I’m 165 cm high and I weigh 70 kg, which makes me some 10 kg overweight. I’ve started exercising a little bit, mainly walking and jogging just to get me started, but I’ve also seen the ad for a trial month of acai berry diet pills and this would be the first diet pill I would take.

There don’t seem to be any limitations to what I can eat, I just have to take the acai berry pills before my meals, and they are supposed to boost my metabolism and detox my body, but I’m still wonder is acai berry diet healthy?



while there is no doubt that acai berries are one of the healthiest food packed with antioxidants and dietary fiber, they actually don't have any specific substance that would boost your weight loss. So generally, acai berry diet pills wouldn't be harmful, but as long as you continue eating the same food and in the same amount like before starting the diet pills, chances are you'll be disappointed with the results.

In fact, together with your exercise efforts, cutting back some calories and being more careful about which food you eat would probably help you way more in getting the weight off.