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R WoO I'm scared out of my whits I'm scheduled to have acdf at levels c5 and 6 I'm worried I won't come out of it but mg pain is unbearable


Hello everyone. This is my first time on a forum or topic board or whatever this is. I had ACDF c5/6 6/7. twelve weeks ago. I didn't have any kind of neck brace following surgery, was wandering if this was the norm ? I am still taking Zappain Duloxetine and Naproxen daily due to the severe pain. In recent weeks i have been suffering bouts of dizziness which coincides with a stiff pain in the lower part of my neck and into the shoulder blades. In the first instance this was an infrequant thing but over the weeks it has developed and is now a daily condition. I was not scheduled for a follow up appointment with the neurusurgeon but following my GPs advice i have now requested an appointment and have been told that I will referred for another MRI. Such is the power of the internet my imagination is running wild with self made diagnosis. Was aodering if anyone else had any similar experiences or offer any advice. Thank You for reading. Look forward to receiving any replies. Ed.