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For three weeks I had been feeling very dizzy all the time. My doctor sent me for a blood test to see if I was anemic but I am not. The dizziness is constant and the tiredness is gradual, so I wonder could this be stress from work? I thought that I may have triggered something.


Dizziness may be related to a wide variety of medical conditions even the stress. I guess the dizziness may be eased by taking travel sickness medication that is available over the counter. Other advice would be, take a few days off and rest.


How old are you ?

Dizziness may be a symptom of a wide variety
of medical conditions, but one of the more serious
ones is it may be mimicked by a TIA, which is short
for transient ischemic attack - a warning of an impending
stroke, as in my late mum's case.

TIAs are essentially ministrokes, and are caused by
impaired circulation or spasms of smaller arterioles
in the brain as a result of atherosclerosis (blockages
due to plaques). These attacks are usually temporary
and in some cases mild, thus they could be dismissed
as minor dizziness or giddiness, as in my mum's case
- nobody, including me who was knowledgeable in
medicine, recognized these danger signs, until one
day a major artery in her brain burst, causing a massive
internal hemorrhage. She went into a coma and was
gone in six days. In this case she had a hemorraghic
stroke or rupture of an aneurysm, far more fatal than
an ischemic stroke, which is caused by a blocked artery.

However, this is not meant to alarm you and yours may
well be simple fatigue, lack of sleep, poor circulation
in the brain, or just general poor health. Thus drugs
or herbs which improve general circulation such as
ginkgo, vinpocetine, hydergine, tocopherol nicotinate
(a compound of vitamin E and B3) may help.

You should go back to your doctor or get another
opinion just in case. Preferably see a neurologist.
Other possible causes include CFS, chronic fatigue

If you are into alternative medicine, things like
chelation therapy may well help.