I am a 25 year old female and before I had my tonsils out I read a LOT of different posts about people who had theirs out. A lot were scary and some were more positive. Mine is somewhere in the middle, closer to not that bad. Today is January 25th and I had my tonsils taken out January 20th. The first day (day of surgery) wasn't bad, but then again every time the nurse came in to ask my what my pain level was, if it was over 5 she upped the morphine... so that was awesome. Haha. Doctor said I did really well during surgery (which took a grand total of 17 minutes). I hardly bled and everything went perfectly. I was out of surgery and into recovery by 10:45 am, and didn't fully wake up from anesthesia until about 1:00-1:30. I immediately had a popsicle and some ice chips and water.. and I was talking and joking with the nurses (which I'm sure they appreciated). Left the hospital by 2:30 and while I was waiting for mom to bring the car around I sat and talked about iPhones with the nurse. Totally alert. Got home and took my pain killer (zamicet solution) and quickly fell asleep. I feel like I slept a lot but truthfully I would wake up every two hours when the pain would start kicking in again. I drank free range organic chicken broth and water... took more meds and fell asleep for another two hours. Lather rinse repeat. Day 2 - Saturday: A little more pain than day 1 but I could still talk. Kept my diet to chicken broth, water, pudding and jello. Definitely lots of water!! Day 3 - Sunday: Definitely more painful than day 2, found it a little more difficult to talk and swallow. I guess the scabs were starting to form but I managed to keep myself completely drugged the entire day. Water water everywhere.. Day 4 - Monday: Definitely what I thought was the worst.. felt like I was swallowing razors and I just wanted to cry. Mornings are the worst!! Slept as much as I could. Introduced mashed cauliflower into the diet. It's like mashed potatoes but healthier! Day 5 - Tuesday: I was supposed to go back to work but didn't feel well enough to not take pain killers. Plus I was nauseous and could barely sit up without getting dizzy. Less painful on the throat but felt overall sickly because of the lack of nutrients. Keep on swimming keep on swimming... Day 6 - Wednesday (today): My throat was killing me this morning and I had to take pain killers as soon as I woke up. I think the scabs have gotten hard.. they're all a light foam green color. But it feels like there's something hard in my throat when i swallow. Also I've noticed that the sides don't really hurt, but where my esophagus closes up - that's where it hurts. My uvula is tender and my throat just feels.. tight. I'm back at work today but where I REALLY want to be is in bed on hydrocodone. Doesn't really "hurt" but it's VERY uncomfortable and I think one of the scabs has started to slough off. I went from being in pain one minute to no pain for like, 10 minutes and now it's back again. So far no bleeding (I'm going to hope it stays that way)... drinking lots of water and sprite. Just had a pudding cup for lunch and even though I got to work late today, I'm contemplating leaving early so I can go home and med up. I'll post updates after day 10 but if I had to rate my experience so far on a scale of 1-10 (1 being "did I even really have surgery?"; 10 being "HOLY c**p THAT WAS MEDIEVAL") I'd give the overall about a 5, 6 on the worst days so far. Things could get worse, I don't know but I'm just waiting because there's nothing else I can do! I think I came back too soon but I felt bad about not being here. :( OH! Also yawning SUCKS. Totally sucks. Feels like there's hooks in your throat. If you can avoid yawning, do it.