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I am slightly concerned because my period is late but I really don't think I am pregnant.  I had my last period March 29th-April 4th, it was a 27 day cycle which was a little short, they are normally between 28-29 days, but that's not a big deal.  I had not been really tracking my ovulation other than noticing EW CM and feeling somewhat crampy/mini PMS syndromes around the time when ovulation should be, and twice in the last year I had spotting on CDs 12 and 13.  I assumed I was ovulating regularly (I know, not a really safe assumption to make but I wasn't too concerned about it.) This cycle, on CD 8 and 9 we were together and messing around but did not have sex - although he did ejaculate on my chest but not anywhere near my vagina.  He had some precum near me though.  On CD11 I felt kind of weird and bloated with slight stomach cramps, but I honestly think that was digestive and not reproductive.  At the time I thought it could be O, though that's pretty early even for me.  HOWEVER, on CDs14-18 I had brown spotting, enough to be in my underwear but not wear a liner or anything.  I was soooo weirded out, because when I had spotting before it lasted 1-2 days with about the same amount but stopped.  This time, on CD16 I had noticeable cramps like AF and mood swings.  On CD 18, there was some red spotting too, but then it all stopped.  On CD 19 I definitely had EW CM once when I wiped which really threw me for a loop.  Was ovulation delayed that much with spotting all before?  Was I trying to ovulate that whole time?  I was SUPER SUPER stressed on CD 7 with wedding planning and then again through CD 14-18, because of the spotting...I understand that can delay it.  Then, on CD 20-22, I got really sick with a cold and coughing thing, which was going around at work for weeks...I think I might have gotten it from the stress since I never get sick.

If I ovulated normally, AF was due on CDs 28-29 like normal.  I am almost positive I didn't ovulate normally, but sometime around CD 16 or later, which would put me at CD 32-33 (really odd for me). I almost always have what I think is a 16-17 luteal phase. So, today, that means that I am between 2-5 days late.  I am never this late, ever.  I have absolutely no idea what to do and am about to lose my mind.  I don't want to take a HPT without my fiance here because I can't emotionally handle it (lame, I know, but I'm serious).  He will be here this weekend and if AF doesn't show by then I may just have to do it.  I am SO scared...we are getting married June 8th and then going to Europe for 2 weeks.  I get crazy horrible sick and cramps with AF and I just know it's my luck I will be sick on my wedding day and have to lie in bed now with my cycle all messed up...

Has ANYONE experienced anything like this at all?  I think that the spotting was too early and too long to be implantation spotting, especially considering we didn't even have sex!!!  But why would the spotting mess with my entire cycle now?Also, I was drinking cinnamon cardamon tea every few days this cycle because I noticed it helped my cramps during AF and read that it could help if taken all month.  Can that delay O?  I have started drinking parsley tea yesterday too to try to encourage AF and it did make me start to cramp a bit.  But nothing else.  I feel almost normal otherwise...I have had cramps on and off these past 5 days but nothing like real AF.  No real boob pain or spotting.  Nothing.

Sorry this is so long, I was trying to give as much info as possible.  If anyone has any insight at all, I would love to hear it.  Thanks so much!!!

Here is my chart, although I only started a few days ago and added in my past cycles.


Hi ES,

I'm sorry but I am not understanding the abbreviations (and I'm a woman) I don't even know about these.

Such as EW CM then CD also O sorry that I need clarification.

To be honest, I think you are suffering from a bad case of stress.  Wedding plans like you say can do that BIG TIME!  As well as this wonky ovulation/period business.  You just have a lot on your mind and plate right now with your wedding basically a month away.  IF you still don't get your period in a weeks time, then I would take a test but like you, I don't think you are pregnant.

Also, have you been dieting or changing your eating habits?  Weight has a lot to do with AF being regular as well.  If you have been losing a lot of weight for the wedding that could be the change in things. 

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials and trip to Europe. 

Good luck and hope this helps some.




Thanks SO much for the helpful reply!

I'm sorry about the abbreviations...I was just looking around specific fertility tracking forums and got used to the shortcuts. :) EW CM is egg white cervical mucus (which I understand is supposed to occur around ovulation time), CD is cycle day, and O is just ovulation.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was stress. I don't think I have ever had it delay things this much for me before and I am a pretty stressed out person (unfortunately), but then again I have never been planning a wedding, honeymoon, etc.

I haven't changed any eating or dieting habits, which is odd then. Oh well...I guess I will have to wait and see what happens. I hate not knowing anything!

But thanks for the congratulations, I really appreciate the reassurance a lot. :)


No problems at all. That is why the site is here, to ask and them to be answered. You are so right, time will be teller in this situation. Like I said, just relax - go to the spa, you deserve it!


Thanks, that sounds like an amazing idea now! :)