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hi my period is 4 wks late did hpt 2 dy after af due was neg still no af my cervix is low very soft closed tightly i have had normal births with previous pregnancies my boobs are sore have slippery discharge my nose has felt like im getting a cold for the last 3 wks but it hasnt come yet my back has been sore down bottom and have noticed it craking alot my fingers and feet are swollen too, most of these are my pms and i keeep thinking its coming but it doesnt my problem is that my hubby had vascetomy 6 months ago however hasnt had sperm count done yet is there any chance i could be pregnant but it didnt show up on test :$


Hi I am 7 days post a natural cycle FET. And woke up this morning having a mini orgasm! then experienced mild cramps and started bleeding a little through to midday. Then had stronger cramps than normal period all day and light bleeding. I usually have a 27 day cycle. I ovulated day 13 with good progesterone levels to plan day of transfer. Could my luteal phase have been really short which has caused implantation to fail? Or would my clinic have seen this?

Has anyone else had strong cramps and light bleeding with small clots and still got a BFP post transfer? I had a hysteroscopy 3 months ago in prep for transfer. I had around 10 ml good lining for transfer day. Everything was so positive but worried it’s all gone south now. Not due to test until 5 days.. any thoughts from anyone ???