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Please answer. So here it is. I've done a dry sex without out lower clothing (Including the brief and panty) 4 weeks ago. He rubbed his penis on mine but didn't entered (For 10 minutes, I guess.) I got wet and I don't know if he precum or not but he says he didn't because continued it on the bathroom alone. And this week, I was feeling some pregnancy symptoms and others like: I feel so bloated after I eat a little, I burp and fart. I frequently urinate even though there's only a little amount coming out. My head always hurts. I'm having a cramping on my muscle but not that painful (I have felt this twice. 1st: When I woke up. 2nd: A while ago while walking for a lot of minutes. Nausea. My pelvic hurts too sometimes and the lower part of my back(the left side.) I don't know if this is counted, I think I'm going to vomit when I smell fish(but definitely not going to, it's as if I only felt it because I'm not sure if I'm pregnant or not?) and now I have an on and off fever.

I have an irregular period. As in, I tried having no period for 8 months. My last period is just spotting but a little heavy(AS IN LITTLE, one pad is enough for one day or two XD) I don't know if it is on november or october? But just this past few week/day(forgot) I had a spots again. I don't know what it is. But as far as I remember I only receive my period every ber months it's rare in other month. The 'My head always hurts.' i don't know if it's counted but my head always hurts even before. They said I'm anemic but not sure. I also have a UTI, the symptoms that I have received last time is my Lower back is in pain. That's it.

I already had a hPT last last day and it was negative. I can't help but to think that I'm pregnant because of what I saw in the internet when I search those symptoms. I hope you could help me! Btw, my left Breast isn't hurting but more like beating that I can feel. And my tummy isn't flat even before. I'm gonna try another hPT again next time.


By the way the Nausea part, i don't vomit at all. And it's only when I feel bloated or just as I subsaid about the fis thingy.