My boyfriend and I have been having really rough sex lately. We've gotten into dildos and vibrators, using lots of lube, all that good stuff. I started getting these tears, almost like papercuts going longways down my vagina. They sting to clean or urinate. They usually go away after a couple days, with the help of neosporin. But recently, I got bumps all along my vagina, along with the tears. I am starting to freak out! I've done tons of research and of course the first thing I find is that I have cancer. Have any of you ladies experienced this? The bumps appeared overnight and are extremely painful. I've been putting neosporin around the area for two days with no sign of recovery. I also noticed an oval shaped white kind of scab on the inside of my right labia. It doesn't hurt, but it's there. Is it because of the rough sex? Please please let me know if you've experienced anything like this before, or if you know of any helpful at-home remedies to clean the area.

Thank you!!!