Oh, yeah I am a weight train person too (but have not taken the type of steroids you are talking about to increase muscle mass). All these people and myself are strictly talking about Corticosteroids. Which I also was given for 2 1/2 years almost every two moths (for asthma / lung infections). I weight train and play tennis. Normally I have low blood sugar problems and low blood pressure issue. After the Corticosteroid shots I put on massive fat weight and blood sugar and pressure went up. I am like all these people desperately looking for a successful detox to rid myself of this c**p in my system. I can't get rid of the dang belly and weight. I did manage to lose 20 of the original wight gain through Lepti Burn and Amino acids. But have not found the true supplement to aid my adrenal glands which is what is effected the most by corticosteroids. So anyone with an idea on that one and a good detox program, I am all ears!