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I have an asian friend and everytime he drinks alcoholl, not much, maybe 2-3 ciders, he seems normal drunk for a little while, like just running around for a little while except that he goes very bright red Then after about half an hour he suddenly collapses on the floor. We can't wake him up. Sometimes he will come round and open his eyes or talk for a little while but then he will lose conciousness again and won't be able to walk. Then he will sleep for around an hour and wake up completely normal. I know one of the syptoms of alcohol intolerance is flushing but haven't seen one of the common symptoms being losing conciousness. Do you think it is just alcohol intolerence or there is something underlying? He did drink quite a lot once and he also vomited as well as being very flushed and losing conciousness for a longer period of time


Alcohol intolerance or an allergy. I'd be concerned more about the latter.

I'm thinking that what is happening is that he's having an allergic reaction, anaphylaxis is setting in, and his blood pressure drops. Once enough alcohol is out of the bloodstream (liver action) then he comes around.

He needs to be seen by a doctor and evaluated. These symptoms could be life threatening.

FYI, ANY unexplained loss of consciousness should be considered an emergency. Call for an ambulance.