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Ok, so my last period started Dec. 19th. I took a test on Jan. 9 (due on the 16th) and it was faintly positive! I had been sick with a virus the last few days before taking the test on the 8th so my urine was SUPER concentrated. The 10th and today (the 11th) they were both negative (one with afternoon urine and today with first morning urine). I have kids so I know my symptoms which I have...big boobs, very strong sense of smell,etc. Do you think this could be a chemical pregnancy? I read that with chemical preg. you don't usually have symptoms and I definitely have symptoms. I am soooo impatient! Any advice would be great!


Did you ever find out if you are really pregnant? I know you aren't due fore another week or so, but just curious if you did find out anymore.

I am kind of in the same boat. My last period was December 15th & I am due again on the 15th of January. I took a Target brand test today & it was faint positive...I don't know if it's too early to test. I'm leaving for a cruise tomorrow and don't really want to drink if I I might take a test with me & try again in a few days. Although, I know its not my eyes playing tricks on me, because I can clearly see the line, its just not very dark.