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Hi guys, I'm sad here coz I wanna be pregnant so much and mainly its because my husband works abroad and we don't have that much of an opportunity to make a baby. It just happens this time he came home for a week during my ovulation period. here's my timeline.

25th Dec --> period begins
7th Jan --> ovulation approx begins and he came home!
plenty of sex ensued, despite no mood. hey foreplay is optional :-)
14th Jan --> he left :-(
18th Jan --> I started puking big time and it continued till today. He said its too early for pregnancy symptoms though. I'm nauseaus every morning and have puked every day till now.
Other symptoms : tender sore breasts, extreme fatigue (I've never felt this tired in my entire life. I feel so sleepy at weird times of the day and just want to drop to bed), slight cramping but nothing major.

My period is due tomorrow (25th Jan) and I did the HPT this morning, I know I just can't wait! And it's a negative. Is it too early for me to test? I'm 30 yrs old by the way. Hopefully my eggs are still good and fresh. Though if this fails, I think his sperms swing the other way :-)

any advise or thoughts welcome to ease my pain :-D oh and no spotting yet. I'm praying my period will not come.


I"m so sorry you got a negative HPT. Nothing worse than that feeling, I know!!! I know you're impatient but wait 2 more days before another test. If you get another negative, I suggest visiting your MD for a blood test. If you're not PG, I'd be worried that something else might be going on with your body. Good luck to you!