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I am 4 weeks late on my period. I started to wonder if I was pregnant after 2 week. I got a first responce pregnancy test and it was negative. The box had 3 in it so I waited a couple days and took another one. Then again and still negative. I have never missed a period this long. Started to feel really tired, then had headaches like crazy, and just recently, I was in a movie theatre watching a movie and I began to feel motion sickness (like that feeling when you spin on a chair too long) and i felt like throwing up, then when I stood up my eyes had a hard time focusing and i felt faintish. This was really unfamiliar to me. I eat regular usually, but lately my appetite is larger?? Am I pregnant?


I am in the same situation..
Have you recently tried any new birth control or gotten off of it? I ask because that can play a huge role in your missed period
and the way your body has been feeling. Your hormones could be out of whack from it.
Also, to know for sure I would go get blood work done. Sometimes those tests don't work for everyone.
If you were on BC your hormones could be out of whack for it to show up on a test.

See I've just got off of Depo about a year ago and my periods aren't back to normal.. They started to but now Its been 2 months since ive had one. I don't have any syptoms of being pregnant though.
I urinate a lot -- but I always have.. I've gained weight but thats because ive been eating more and not exercising.
I get headaches like usualy because they run in my family. I've also taken tests and it says negative. So It really could be anything.

It could be related to stress like my doctor told me as well...
New eating habits...
New exercising habits...

It could be numerous things
But I still recommend going to a doctor to get a blood test so you can know for sure