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Hi, I have a prostate cancer, and I have to consider all the options. I know all about standard therapy, but nothing about alternative treatments for cancer. Are they safe?


Hello, unlike the standard therapies, alternative therapies for cancer are not proven to work. Because of that, they are not always safe, especially when it comes to side effects. You have to be 100% sure in your decision if you chose alternative therapy for cancer, because you could lose all the benefits from standard therapy. Most common mind-body methods of alternative therapy are meditation, biofeedback, hypnosis, yoga, imagery and creative outlets. Biologically based practices are vitamins, herbs and special diets. Manipulative and body-based practices are massage, chiropractic care, reflexology. There is also acupuncture, which is very popular as part of Chinese medicine. I can’t tell you that all of these alternative methods are safe for you, because some of them are not studied enough and you can’t know for sure how will they affect you.


there is an article by a cancer survivor found at

This site shows 20 alternatives and some are not
all good and some are not safe.

my case is kidney cancer which was inoperable.
Altho I went through chemo in 2003 and 2004,
in 2005 the cancer came back with metastasis to the lungs.

My doctor gave medicine but not for the cancer.
I realize I was left on my own in dealing with this malignancy.
Then I was feeling weak all the time, aches & pain all over, deteriorating in health and losing over 25 lbs.


From this site above I selected 2 remedies
- the homeopathic preparation and the herbal ,both from the same source
found at

These were safe and I had no real problems.
In the beginning for about a month and a half, there were periods where the symptoms felt like getting worse. After that things got better.

It is important to go on a diet that is not high on protein.
It means going mostly vegetarian.
In 8 months, I have improved greatly. The body pains eased, I got more of my strenghth back. I started to gain weight again.
In fact with these treatment I would say that the cancer has become milder tame (not aggressive.)
Also I know I've improved because I have beter appetite and it's not perfect but I can look at the world and smile and want to live again.
Back when the cancer was killing me, all I thougth abouth was I'll be dead.

I recommend the 2 remedies above for anyone with similar case or likely other cancer cases. If you want to trry something that will improve and works, then try it.
It is worth more than the money I paid.