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after my husband’s diagnosis with stage 3 inoperable pulmonary cancer, we’ve been desperate on finding any treatment that would at least keep his condition stable after the standard chemo and radiation therapies. He is scheduled for his next radiation therapy in two months but before he goes through another cycle, we found some info on Budwig diet that seems to show some amazing effects. Basically, my husband would have to take about 10 spoons of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese daily, with his regular diet regimen, of course. Since I’ve read the stories that people have managed to get into operable stage of lung cancer with this diet, can anyone tell me how soon could we expect to see any results from flaxseed oil and cottage cheese diet – if any, hopefully?

Does it even make sense to start Budwig diet at this point?


Hi! This is a really tough one and I'd say really only professional medical advice is appropriate. The problem is that you husband is already in a treatment regime and whether it's safe to mix that with the diet could Be questionable. why done you contact the centre and ask them for some clinical advice. I'm sure they wouldn't charge you for getting the best help. at the end of the day you'll do anything you can to make things better, but you don't want to make things worse in trying to do that. Good luck and I hope things work out.