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My husband proposed to me on June 20th, of 2004 and I had worn the beautiful 18 kt white gold ring he gave me with no problems for more then a year after that. Then I started to develop a really bad rash on my finger where I wore the ring. It started to itch and even burn a little. Then around where the ring was worn, it would get red and the skin would start to dry out and peel.
I had it professionally cleaned and as soon as I put it back on, 5 mins later it started to itch and I got that rash again!! I am getting really tired of not been able to show off that ring, can anyone help me as to what might be going on??
Thank you!!!


Ok a couple of things.

When you had it professionally cleaned was it re-rhodium plated? If it wasn't then you could be having a reaction to the cleaning solution. Jewellery should be throughly rinsed after it has been cleaned with the jewellery sparkles that are used in most shops.

If it wasn't rhodium plated then I'd recommend that. Gold is highly unreactive but rhodium is a type of platinum and is even less reactive. Plus it will make your ring look like new.

Also, try not to sleep in your ring, wash up, shower, etc... As the dampness under the ring can cause problems. At night take you ring off and moisturise your hands, this should give them time to repair themselves.

Hope this has helped. Also, congratulations!