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last night i noticed about 6 hours after eating honey garlic stirfry (which i had never eaten before) i started getting a rash on my stomach and on my arms...this morning it wasn't as bad on my arms but it was worse on my stomach and it was all over my chest aswell.
the only that has changed in my diet would be the honey that i ate last night.
is it possible to be allergic to honey?
if so, what would i do in order to get rid of the rash and itch?
i have tryed cold compresses, hot compresses, showers, ice cubes, different cream...everything!



if this was due to an allergic reaction it would look a bit like nettle rash. try taking an antihistamine (hayfever tablet) this should help in that case. if it worsens or your tongue / throat swells / breathing sounds wheezy go to your local emergency department