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I have an allergic reaction to weed. When ever I smoke weed I get a rash and pimples on my face. I had smooth skin before I started smoking weed, but I didn't make the connection then. I thought my face broke out because I was sixteen and that's common for sixteen year olds. I smoked hard that summer, and then when school started I didn't smoke again. Magically, my face had cleared up. Then I met a friend at work who smokes, so I started again. It wasn't until then that I had made the connection. For a long time everybody told me I was crazy, and yeah it really did sound crazy because no one had ever heard of someone being allergic to weed before; myself included. I decided to take a break for a little bit, and then once again my skin magically cleared up. I went to my friends house and they were smoking so I decided to as well. The next day my face broke out again, and now everyone finally believes me. How can I fix this? I really wanna smoke weed again but I hate what it does to my face. Everytime it takes longer and longer for the pimples to go away. I don't want to say goodbye to weed forever, but I can't stand what it does to my face. What should I do?


I am allergic to weed also, but when I smoke my air passage ways close up just like when someone allergic to peanuts and they eat them.