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Hi. I have itchy rash on my elbow shaped like a ring for three weeks. It has outer circle which is darker and flakey skin inside the circle. I'm afraid it may be a ringworm, but I'm not sure it can appear on elbows. Wearing long sleeves is realy uncomfortable, because of the itch. Also, I can't wear short sleeves becaue I'm embarassed.I had something similar on my right cheek a few months back and a doctor gave me a steroid cream.  I put some on the spot and in about 5 days it was gone. Now I'm using the same cream but it doesn't help. The doctor said for the previous spot on my cheek he thought it was ringworm, but he wasn't 100% sure. Does ringworm spread to other parts of your body?  I've also heard about ringworm causing liver damage if not treated correctly, and now I'm quite scared. Is this true? How long does it take to clear up?



Ringworm is actually not a worm infection was rather a fungal infection and it is highly contagious and yes it can spread to many areas of the body.  Ringworm is very common in children.  There are a number of over the counter creams and powders that are good for this type of infection.  They generally contain clotrimazole or miconzzole.  Some individuals, however, may need prescription oral medications to get rid of ringworm.  As far as I know, ringworm doesn't cause liver damage however some of the medication you can take for it can it taken in high dose or for a long period of time.  I seriously doubt you will have any problem where that is concerned.