Do all antipressants cause hair loss? Does anyone have experience with an antidepressant that did NOT cause hair loss? Ive been diagnosed by a psychiarist with major depression. Without an antidepressant, I cry all day long and I have chronic insomnia. My psychiatrist says I'm clinically depressed but my therapist of 5 years says I am Bipolar I. So which is it? Sleep is a major problem. I can go without sleep for 5 days straight and still drive my car to work and perform a very difficult job without any problems. So I believe I am Bipolar I as I do not suffer from extreme episodes of mania. I think going without sleep for 5 days straight and still functioning at a very high level, while working 14 to 16 hours per day is a milder form of mania. I don't go out and spend tons of money on things I don't need and I dont suffer with chronic personality disorders and other symptons of Bipolar II. But I don't know for sure who I should believe. The psychiatrist or the therapist? What do you think? h