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I had sex May 19 and it was unprotected but he didn't come inside me. I got my period June 10th for five days and then July 15th for five days, they both looked like regular periods. And I haven't got any pregnant symptoms, plus I took 2 tests and they came out negatively boyfriend is sterile. My period ended the 20th and now I have cramps, they're not sharp or hurt. But they're there. Am I pregnant? I don't feel like I am but I'm paranoid and it's stressing me out. It's been almost three months since I've had sex (first and last time).


no. you might have an ovarian cyst i had my period like that for a couple months i ended up not being able to bear the pain and going to the hospital turns out i had a 10cm ovarian cyst.

i would say you should go to your obgyn and tell him whats going on. i dont think this is a pregnancy but something to do with your ovaries instead