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I was prescribed with amour thyroid. I am just 34 and having problems with thyroid hormones. Is it normal to have problems with thyroid so early. And what is amour thyroid? I heard that women are having really big problems because of thyroid, that is why I am so afraid… Any advice is welcome!


Hi there,
Armour Thyroid is made to replace thyroid hormones. Also to treat or prevent goiter (enlargement of the thyroid gland). Armour Thyroid is also prescripted as a "suppression test" to diagnose an overactive thyroid.
It is not normal to have problems anytime but as you know women have problems with thyroid gland… some of them even earlier, so don’t worry, you are not the youngest. You might experience some side effects with Armour Thyroid and then your dose should be adjusted by your doctor. These side effects include nervousness, chest pain, increased pulse rate, excessive sweating, heat intolerance, … In that case whether you are hypersensitive to thyroid hormones or sth else… so call doctor immediately! And, if you have history of cardiovascular problems, diabetes (Armour Thyroid tablets increase diabetes), Armour Thyroid tablets should be used with caution! Also, if pregnant or planning pregnancy, consult your doctor.
There is one positive effect of Armour Thyroid…at least for me it was sent from God :-) Armour Thyroid will speed up your metabolism. Well, they say, it is not effective as a weight-loss drug but it works with me. However you are supposed to be careful if you are taking additional hunger suppressants.
I hope you are satisfied with the answer and feel like some useful advice has been given :-)