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Recently I have noticed that I gain some weight almost out of nowhere. I think I eat even less than I used to before.
I have also noticed that I’m having some digestive problems because I started to suffer from constant constipation.
I am 45 year old female.
I have never had any similar problems and so I became very frightened. So, contacting my gastrologist was my next step.
I did some testing like gastroscopy and endoscopy and also some hormone analysis. Final diagnosis was hypothyroidism.
I heard this is very serious disease and I was wondering what will change in my life from now on? How can I return to my normal weight?


You must understand that your primary disease isn’t obesity but one very serious disease. Thyroid hormones, either alone or combined with other medications, should not be used for the treatment of obesity.
Hypothyroidisms means that you have lack of thyroid hormone I your body.
Thyroid hormones are being produced in small gland located on your neck called thyroid gland.
These hormones activate various enzyme pathways to increase energy production and metabolism, protein synthesis and breakdown of fat and carbohydrates, increased tissue oxygenation, mineral exchange within cells, and insulin production.
There are many options for the treatment of thyroid problems.
In case of hypothyroidisms best medication is Amour thyroid.
Amour thyroid is drug, by chemical structure, very like to real thyroid hormone produced in your body! It will satisfy all your body’s needs for thyroid hormones and make your symptoms disappear for good.
Of course, because your thyroid gland is permanently damaged you’ll need to take this medication all your life.
Adverse reactions other than those indicative of hyperthyroidism, either initially or during the maintenance phase, are rare.