Hi everyone. Like most of you, I've searched the internet over and over again. Reading tons of conflicting articles related to pregnancy and symptoms. I've found numerous post, none of which fit my description to a tee. I'm hopiing that someone here has expertise and could shed some light on my situation. I'm going to add relevant detail, as my situation is a tad bit complicated.

When I was 12, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism after my doc found a goiter. A few months later, it was removed and I've been hypothyroid ever since. With that being said, my period has never been normal. Matter of fact, I don't even track my cycles. I just "know" around the time I would get my period but it would never be to the day. I'm now 27 and its still that way (irregular) and in the past year itss been really heavy and last only 3-4 days with maybe a little trail.

I just recently received health insurance through my employer. Since I was 23 I've been trying to go to general physicians on my own dime just to continue receiving medicine without properly monitoring my thyroid function. As soon as i received insurance in February, I went straight to my endocronologist I went to since I was 12. She tested me and found my throid function to be extremely loww. Since then, my medication was increased twice. I started taking the new medicine beginning of this month. I saw her back on july 16th for bloodwork and that's when she increased my medicine.

Now comes my issue and worry. I'm not normally a sexually active person, so when I have sex I always have a fear of an unplannedd pregnancy. So I'm as responsible as can be. I had a boyfriend for a month and a half (not long I know, but that's my luck), anyway the last time we did it was July 3/4th. It was protected and not on birth control. I had my period june 27th or 28th up until july 1stish.

The end of july came and I started getting worried about getting my period. I've been pretty depressed and worried about next steps in my career and my unhappiness with my current job. So waiting for my period was agony. I never even worry about it, but again I was more concious of it. Finally, I found traces of blood in my discharge on july 29th but no period. Again, on the 30th and still nothing. I took tylenol pm that night so I can sleep, relieve stress and wake up without a tension headache. Sure enough, I woke up July 31 and there it was. It was rather heavy throughtout the day. The next day, august 1st, it was more like a regular period and then the next day it was light to scant. The following days were trailling off spotting. Switching from bright red to brown to pink. All over the color spectrum. Its important to note that the day before I got my period, I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. I did it again after my period and still negative. I brought another brand a week later and tested again and they were negative.

Usually my period is like 2-3 solid heavy days and this was rather light for me. After reading about vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, I've been having doubts as to whether or not its my actual period. So I started looking for a gyno. I found one under my insurance. I went on august 18th. I expressed my concerns and was hoping for a pelvic exam but she said my insurance wouldn't cover this visit and an annual check up. Id have to wait until next year. Total bs but whatever. I took a pregnancy test there and it wass negative. I told her about my thyroid history and that I relapsed into anorexia in june (I've been battling this since I was 19 or 20. I thought I had it under control and recently lost it again) I started exercise class three times a week and low calorie intake. I would say that I started these eating habits end of june. So the doctor reassured me I'm not pregnanat and told me its my diet. I just don't see how it drastically changed my menstral cycle like that in a short time. She said many people with my symptoms will lose there period. She perscribed me bc to regulate my periods.

Finally, I just got my "period" on August 26 (back on track) however it was more like a normal flow the first day and light the next couple. Today I'm spotting. Going from bright red, to deep red, to brownish sometimes grayish looking.

So this is where I'm at. I don't know if I am pregnant. I feel tired, fatigued and it could be from a lack of energy that's self inflicted. My on boob looks bigger but then again I'm on my period. It has veins running through it. BUT then again. Since the end of June I was 162 pounds and now I'm down to 155: I'm over 6' tall. I'm so confused and need guidance. I tried to call that obgyn to write me a script for bloodwork but has yet to call back. Ughhhh Please shed some light on my situation.

I appreciate you reading this and any helpful information would be great. Ill answer any questions! Take care!