Okay, so, my fiance and I always have unprotected sex, we do the pull out method which I know is not very effective. At this point in our lives, we are not planning for a baby, but if one comes along, we'll be happy and prepared.

In May, I did not have my period at all, which I didn't worry too much about because my period is not very regular due to my body weight fluctuating a lot. About mid-June, I decided I was going to go to the store and buy a test the next day, but the next morning, I awakened to mild bleeding. Over the next week, I was spotting, not too heavily. But a week later I started to bleed very heavily, with a lot of clotting. I usually experience clotting for one day on my usual period, but even then it's not so bad. This time I had big clots every time I changed my tampon which was about every 3 hours or so. The blood was bright red, very different from the usual color.

I didnt experience much cramps, a little bit of thobbing though. OH, no I lied, at work I had these very strange cramps for about 45 minutes, they were sharp and quick twinges. Nothing to double over about, but very uncomfortable and different from my normal menstrual cramps.

My heavy bleeding and clotting continued until the begining of July. It started to lighten up on the 2nd and was done compeltely by the 4th.

As I never took a pregnancy test, I know I will never know for sure, but do you think it is likely I had a miscarriage? Or was it something else?

I have been browsing through the threads but usually people mention that they either knew they were pregnant before hand, or had severe cramping or passed a sac of something....so I was wondering if what I experienced could have still been a miscarriage.