This is my first pregnancy and I found out that it was a blighted ovum at about 12 weeks (growth stopped at 6) I started bleeding just under 3 weeks ago. not heavy bleeding, pretty light like a period. this continued for a week and a half until my Gyno could get me in. the night before I went in, I thought I miscarried- I was bleeding HEAVILY- like fill up a pad in 10 minutes heavy- with some clotting, but this only lasted about 2-2 hours. the next day the Dr told me that miscarriage wasn't over yet, and we decided to try Misoprotol. I took that on Friday night, bled HEAVILY again for about 5 hours, along with debilitating cramps/contractions and a lot of clotting, but no tissue. I had to take the Misoprotol again on Monday, and I bled even worse that time, cramping was just as bad, but there was not much clotting and no tissue (about 6 hours this time). I woke up the next morning feeling great, and I figured that it was over and the tissue had come out w/o me seeing it. period-like bleeding continued in between all of these events- then last night (Thursday) it all started again, the heavy bleeding, the cramping, the only difference is this time I hadn't taken the medication, and it only lasted about 1.5 hours, and then the bleeding slowed down to a light period again. Now, I notice that the bleeding smells.... rotten. I know vagina stuff can smell sour, and I  have had plenty of blood in the past 21 days to recognize that something is different. I am afraid that something is really wrong with me, but I can't get a hold of the doctor (they haven't been much help anyway through all this) and I feel like I've already lost my baby 4 times. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Scared and Confused