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Feeling weird...normal at moments but then I go back to feeling lost can't remember things!


I first felt like that when I had my Anxiety attacks or panic attacks. I felt weird and my body not normal like it used to be. So started getting these feelings in the mornings. Feeling scared for no reason feeling like I was going to die at any moment had the sensation that I couldn't breathe big fur ball feeling in my throat. Traveling Tingly sensations over my arms and legs mainly in arms.  I started getting these after I took a bad trip off a Maced Brownie. Got me good. So after the first one I thought okay lived threw the bad exp of the brownie it's done and over with. But then months go by and have these more and more So had to go to dr to figure out why all of a sudden I am getting these attacks.  She said possible Anxiety then started getting fast heart beats. That scared me more into thinking I was having heart attack. So almost a whole year of having these issues. Lost feelings to. Still not my self but I am getting better  I am on a drug called Digoxin to help with my heart beats to normal them. Now waiting on results of the halter monitor in hopes i have no more issues of the irregular heart beats. I have learn threw lots of researching that most who have Anxiety have to alter their diets and stay off the caffeine and exercise more. Do breathing yoga helps do some cross word puzzles to help  your brain eat foods to help improve memory. I am still having these issues as of todate but learning threw web sites like this to help improve my positive thinking that everything is fine and will get back to normal soon. So keep searching for the answers and get your mind at peace and you'll find what your looking for. I am 38 and have had this for a year I know some who had this longer then me but I have hope we can cure this with out drugs.. It's hard at first but it can be done I have seen post of positive influences I am new to this site just joined today looking for some tips and healthy life style of dealing with Anxiety and Irregular heart beats and maybe any sure style cure with out doctors and pill popping lol because I can't stand taking pills every day. And some times I feel I don't need to but I keep it up till my doctor says I can get off them.