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Hi,  I just found this forum and I am reading this and thinking OMG, this is me!!...for the past 3 years I have been going to different docs about my problems, shortness of breath, chest pains, feeling like I am going to pass out, heart feels like it's going to stop and sometimes like it's going to jump out of my throat, headaches galore!...I was first diagnosed with asthma. then everytime I landed in the ER I was told it was anxiety...a couple of years ago another doc said I had reflux. finally I was sent to the cardiologist, did all the tests and it was concluded I had a heart murmur, which apparently I was born with...the cardiologist said it was normal that lots of people live with this condition and it shouldn't be giving me any why do I feel all these things? family doctor kept sending me for tests and all came back normal...except for my blood pressure which is high, so I am taking meds for that and for the reflux...also my cholesterol was high so the cardiologist put me on Crestor for the cholesterol and to avoid any more plaque buildup.  I kept complaining about these symptoms, so the cardiologist sent me for an angiogram last showed that I have a 40% blockeage which he said it's not too bad, but that I had to be on cholesterol meds for life and that I could still have a heart attack!!....Ok if I wasn't stressed before, I am now!! I am watching what I eat and exercice as much as I can or as much as my symptoms allow it....I hav been going through hell for these past 3 years, I am beginning to think I'm crazy!!..finally I decided to see a psychologist to help me with whatever this is....she tells me that my anxiety levels are really high.  I have never suffered from anxiety, I consider myself a pretty calm person, my mom used to get mad at me when I was younger because she said that I acted like I didn't care about why all of the sudden I started with this?...did my health problems brought it on or did I always have and didn't know it?..

There were many sleepless nights so finally my doc prescribed sleeping pills as I couldn't go on with only a couple of hours of sleep, I was making even more damage to my body!!...some days I feel fine but then most of the time I feel horrible...the days I feel fine I feel like my body is skaking in the inside, my chest feels tingly and jittery so I worry about that and the symptoms creep in...this is awful!!...

I am so afraid that one day I am going to have a heart attack or I am just going to drop dead!!...I have cried so many times because I don't want to feel like this anymore....I feel so sad sometimes when I see people around me like there is nothing wrong with them and here I am feeling like c**p!!..

Thank you for listening and if you have any suggestions please let me know.


hi andreamar, Im 19 years old and i was diagnosed with WPW and SVT which ive had a ablation for (heart surgery ). I have the problem where my heart beats over 200 times a minute all the time. It doesnt get any easier, trust me :( but taalking to someone always helps too. When i first starting having problems like you did, they thougt i was havign axiety/panic attacks too, bbut i went to an actual cardio doctor and found i was born with SuperVentricular Taccardia.  I have avtually clocked my heart at 280 beats per min or however u wana say it. Have a ekg done hun, thats how they found my heart problems, Cause id get symtoms like that too. And i ended up getting my surgery done in St.louis at BArnes/jewish which is a great hospital. But id get more than one opinion cause obviously if i hadnt i would have had a heart attack an died. i mean im still at risk of having a stroke but i take Magnesium,Metropolo and asprin 325mg a day eveery day to help. If u ever need someone to talk to im hear to listen.