Hello there, I am looking for some advice. Hopefully someone can help.

In September 2008 I had what I am guessing to be an Anxiety attack, symptoms where shortness of breath, and then went on to my entire body, face, arms, diaphragm, everything going numb, thought i was dieing/having a heart attack....

Since then I have been on zoloft, quit taking that because i didnt feel it helped. I am taking Effexor XR right now, and it seems to be helping with the anxiety parts of it in, except in certain situations....but i am almost constantly "short of breath" I can breath out my nose just fine, but then after a few minutes of that I feel that i need to inhale with my mouth, but its so hard to do. Most of the time when i inhale through my mouth i dont feel like im getting enough oxygen. Why is this? Is it a symptom of anxiety that isn't being treated with the effexor or something else?

I like to go running and exercise, but even when im running i feel short of breath and it holds me back.

Backround: Back in 2008 when this first happened I was smoking cigarettes(about 5 a day) and smoking alot of marijuana. Since then i have quit smoking cigarettes and just recently finally quit smoking marijuana about 4 months ago. I have these attacks every once in a while but the shortness of breath is really annoying and i would like some help with it. I only smoked cigarettes non regularly for about a year, and marijuana regularly for about 2 years.

Is this happening to any1 else?