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Hi, about 8 weeks ago I had a sever panic attack and ever since then i've been on a roller coaster ride. I had more panic attacks and fell into an extreme state of depression and worry. The last major panic attack I had was 3 weeks ago and I nearly had a seizure. Ever since then I feel alot of anxiety, I have muscle twitching in my legs, toes and fingers. I get startled easily, I can't sit alone or be alone for more than 1hr at a time or i begin to feel anxious. I wasn't like this just 3 months ago, but now I feel like I'm going crazy because I just want to feel and live normally without being in fear all the time. What scares me is the physical symptoms I feel and think about all the time, muscle twithcing, heaviness in my jaw/cheekbones, heart palpitations, numbness in my arms, joint pains, lumps in my throat, emptiness in the pit of my stomach. I thought things were getting better but it's not. Is this just anxiety/depression or could it be more? I've had blood tests done and they were negative I had a CT scan done and that was negative. Could medications possibly help me?



I know I am answering an old post of yours and I am sorry about that.

It seem to me that you are having anxiety since all medical tests were ruled out. They have plent of meds for anxiety. I do hope you are better now

Best of everything



hi im no doctor but what it sounds like 2 me as i have the exact same problem, its called panic disorder its so tireing as everyday is a battle and the fear is horrible.

there r so many things that happen everyday eg
fear of going crazy or losing your mind
the feeling that your in a dream and things arnt qiute real
and then you have the panic attacks which just makes it ten times worse.

what i did was see a doctor straight away and ask can you see a mental health liason.

i know how hard life is with this sh*t but the longer it goes on the easier it gets ass u tell yourself over n over agian tat this is just anxiety and a panic attack you r in no actual danger, even though they are frighetning as fukc o.O
hope you get well soon :-)