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when i was 16 on two occasions my parents came in my room around 5am and my eyes were rolling in back of my head and they could not wake me up they tired walking me around but i was very limp . the first time they called the ambulance i went to ER and did an EEG but it was clear they sent me home two days later the same incident happened this time the EEG showed seizure activity this was in 98 im 30 nowthe neuro at the ER said epilepsy but MY dr at the time said he thought it was a reaction to the sleeping pill i was prescribed at the time he said it was too strong for a child.but my DR said he had to go with what the neuro said i have been seizure free ever sense taking 300mg of dilantin my levels have never been higher than 4.1.i have now developed anxiety over if another seizure is coming could i have been misdiagnosed back then or maybe the EEG went as good i have never had another one since

but when i was given the EEG in the hospital i also had this heavy sleeping med in my system

now i dont understand if i am epileptic or if i even had a seizure back then and its causing anxiety

my drs wont give me new eeg until i stop dilantin


I ended up in the ER a month ago because I thought I was having a heart attack from these diet pills I was taking (it ended up being a panic attack from all the stimulants). Then I got the flu and was suffering in bed for 2 weeks. Ever since then I've been getting AWFUL anxiety because I'm too scared of having another panic attack or thinking I didn't have a flu but another serious disease (since I wasn't getting better). But I've slowly been getting better and being able to do everyday things by relaxing a lot and trying to be stress free. I think your brain is shocked from your seizure. Maybe you should change doctors and find out once and for all what you have. This will relieve your stress a lot and help to get rid of a lot of your anxiety.