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I’ve been trying to find any effective treatment for the seizures I’ve been experiencing for quite some time now. The first neurologist I’ve seen started me on anti-epileptic medication even before the EEG, which just came back normal, showing no signs of anything unusual, even though I was at that point experiencing 5-10 of these daily. So after the EEG, I was referred to psychiatrist and neurologist discontinued anti-seizure medication, telling me that dealing with panic and anxiety will help me to get rid of pseudo seizures. But even though I’m on antidepressant and take Ativan, I’m still experiencing these seizures. I’m trying to get an opinion from a different neurologist, since I’ve read a lot of info about seizures that happen deeper inside the brain so EEG doesn’t detect them, but if that fails to find anything, is there any other treatment available for dealing with pseudo seizures?



When it comes to pseudo-seizures, your experience sounds pretty typical, I’m afraid. Neurologists simply dismiss the seizures without any EEG proof as pseudo seizures and in some cases they are right, of course, and some people do benefit from psychotherapy and antidepressant or anxiolytic treatment. For the people who still continue to have seizures, chances obviously much higher that there really is something causing them, but the procedure to detect seizures originating deeper inside brain involve surgery to place EEG electrodes directly under the skull. Even then, only treatment that might be effective is with anti-seizure medication and a neurologist who should prescribe them.

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