If your reading this, you no doubt suffer from some if not all, the symptoms ive mentioned in the subject above. which isnt half of the ones i get. I also suffer with the following, of which i have found out the majority, if not all, are associated with a faulty nervous system.

high temperature like a burning inside my stomach, 

heightened senses, all of theses, smell, taste and noise

high cholesterol and fatty liver disease

headaches far too often

colour discoloration to my legs on occasion but for no reason and can come with severe itching at same time.

thirst and hunger

urinating problems

no concentration

blurred vision

bad hand/eye co-ordination

mind refusing to switch off

unable to perform tasks

feeling ill most the time and NOBODY understands. 

(and there will be more i cant think of right now due to my dreadful memory)

You might have been told, like me, its due to of things like


well i have learnt from 6 years of googling that many of these symptoms together could mean you have any number of things wrong with you, not just the small selection above. And after being wrongly diagnosed with fibro myself, i then thought it might be mould mycrotoxins, but eventually came across 

AN OVERACTIVE SYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM which ive learnt is from too much stress and causes the wierdest symptoms that the other illnesses dont seem to have. 

For instance, on my worst days, i hear whooshing noises when my eye balls move around. 

I wont tell you all about this illness as you can google it, and it will be explained to you properly, and not all my my symptoms are necessarily from this but can be from something else. I just want people who aere pulling there hair out (oh yes, mines thinning!) with not knowing whats wrong with them, to just take a look at this condition, cus if it helps even one person out, ive not written this for nothing. 

hope you feel better soon x

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