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hi all,

I'm 26 and got a provera shot from my doctor a month ago after complaining endlessly to him about PMS. Since getting the shot, I have been sleeping 18 hrs a day, read all the horror stories about it on here, but can't do anything now :'(

I was wondering, WHY oh why do they not prescribe prometrium regularly to young women who have PMS? Is it just ignorance? why does use of prometrium seem so confined to women who are peri/postmenopausal? This includes the product's own site, which only talks about its use in those women...

lastly i'd be really grateful if anyone can tell me their positive reports on prometrium if they're in their 20s/30s and used it specifically to target severe PMS. THANK YOU.


I am 27 and my doctor just prescribed Prometrium to me. You may want to go to your OBGYN and also see a hormone specialist if you are able to. I have horrible PMS and now irregular periods are coming. They tested my hormone levels and I have low pregesterone. They have prescribed Prometrium to help my pregestrone levels increase. This should help with PMS and my menstrual cycle.

Hope this helps!