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I had my daughter eight months ago (she was born premature at 35 and 5) i was induced...had a slight problem with delivery (it was very rapid 20minutes after water was broke she was delivered) my cervix closed while delivering the the doctor had to manually remove the placenta. i am released three days later....after my post-partum check i kept going back in to see a doctor as i still had not stopped bleeding, it would lighten up but never fully went to make a long story short 3months after delivery of my daughter i get a doctor who listens to my complaints of abnormal discharge, bleeding not fully stopping, and pelvic pain-he does an ultrasound in the office and he finds that i have retained some placenta (tests on the tissue confirmed it was retained placenta) so they schedule a D&C and i have that done...eveything goes great for a month.....bleeding stops, discharge stops, pelvic pain stops

November it comes back except the constant bleeding...i have contstant mucus like discharge, even when i am bleeding when i am bleeding it has the apperance of having tissue in it as well....i have severe pelvic pain in the same area i had it before the D&C...occassional vomiting, extremely painful when having sex....i have gotten used to the discharge...they have checked me for diseases and that has come back fine....has anyone else had this problem? how can get the medical people to listen to my concerns? something is not right and i am afraid that it may have an effect on me having future children....any thoughts or insights would be very very helpful...i just don't know what to do anymore..


sounds like you might need another D & C