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I 'm just going through miscarriage. I did not have any symptoms,, even spotting, even cramps, anything. I was in 11 weeks fr my pregnancy when I found out that the heart was not beating and the fetus was size of 8 weeks. I am really positive thinking and maybe that's why I did not have any signs. After my doctor told me, I was staring spotting the same day in the evening. Right now I am concern if the natural way will come out everything what is left in my uterus so I don't need D&C. My doctor gave me just 3 possibility to decide. One is natural way and hope that everything will come out by itself and my body will clean itself, next drugs in vagina which should speed up the process or D&C. I kind of concern if there is safer way to do it instead D&C,, do the machine abortion.??

thank you for your answer,, I have a couple more questions!. My bleeding stopped after two days,, I have another appointment by my doctor in two weeks to check in which faze my miscarriage is and deciding another treatment. Should I be concern that I stopped bleeding.. I still cramping, mostly after urinating.. Should I be concern about infection? It is not a burning pain, just cramps in low abdominal. Should I call my doctor if I 'll not bleed any more


A stop in bleeding could be a not so good sign, because you do need to expel the tissue promptly. Infection can be a concern, ESPECIALLY since the fetus basically died at 8 weeks and you would now be 11 weeks.....

I would say to call your doctor up and get a check-up early.... I would want the tissues removed ASAP because of the risk of infection and complications.

Definately see your GYN doc.


Hi there,
I went through a similar circumstance where I went for my first routine scan on the 26th April at 12weeks 4 days. They couldnt find heartbeat or baby, but a sizable pregnancy sac. I was diagnosed with a missed miscarriage.

I was given 3 alternatives as you were - natural way, tablets or d&c. As I had had absolutely no symptoms of problems I asked them to wait a week and perform a re-scan if still no baby then I would take the tablets as by that point my partner was worreid I would catch infection. Therefore I opted for natural way

I went home and on the Saturday morning (1.5 days later) had a brown discharge which turned into heavy red bleeding. By Monday Night I contacted the hospital as I was having contraction pains. (13 weeks) I was taken in and passed one small clot and then one large sizeable clot throught the night. I was re-scanned and provided with a D&C to clear out the womb.

I have now stopped bleeding after about a week but have a creamish discharge. I also have abdominal pains, and hip and back pains when I have exerted myself by climbing stairs at work etc.

I would suggest that at this time if any doubt of your progress ensure you have a further scan and then a D&C if required. It is very important to protect yourself from illness. I was lucky that my progression into miscarriage was very definate and in the end I was left in no doubt as to what had happened.

Hope this helps.