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Hello everybody,

my mom, now age 62 was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer and after she had a surgery to completely remove her ovaries and uterus, with surrounding lymph nodes, it turns out that we’ve had an unfortunate of being among only 2% ovarian cancer patients who have their cancer spread to their brain.

My mom’s oncologist is suggesting she goes through with cyberknife brain surgery to remove the tumor first, and then to follow up on this with chemotherapy. And he seems pretty optimistic, it’s somewhat hard to believe him. He claims that there will be no damage to mom’s brain functioning, even though it’s the brain surgery.


Did you ask the pretty important question?  How many of these type surgeries he has performed in the past?  Be optimistic for your mom, you want the best for her - yes, its the brain but remember technology has come a long way and surgeons have surgical equipment nowadays that assist in the room that do almost all the work unlike years ago.  So have some faith and pray that the outcome for your mom will be a positive one and that you will have her for many years to come!  (I am a true believer in the power of positive thinking).