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a family member of mine has just been diagnosed with cancer, a very invasive form of ovarian cancer and she is now expecting to go through radiation and chemotherapy after the surgery to remove several tumors.

While I was researching the topic I came upon info about cancer treatment called German new medicine, which is based on the idea that all cancers are caused by some traumatic event and that they only can be cured when that trauma is resolved. I know it sounds bit bogus, but what are your thoughts on this?



I'm in a situation similar to yours, only difference being is that my husband is the one diagnosed with stomach cancer. To be honest, I'm appalled at some of the ways these people who are promoting alternative treatments are trying to take money off our hands.

As far as German new medicine is concerned, of course it makes some sense that stressfull emotional events reflect on our bodies as well, but as you'll easily find out, the founder of this 'New medicine' has his medical licence revoked and is now practically claiming that chemotherapy is Jewish conspiracy (source:

I hope your wife has a good oncology team and wish you both the best!