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Hello. I am 27 year old female and I have never had any problems similar to this one.
I have beautiful teeth and I never dreamed this could happen to me.
Recently, while one routine dental examination, doctor found one caries on my big wisdom tooth in the upper right side of jaw.
He told me that these wisdom teeth have not the strong cover over it and that they easily develop some bacterial infection and caries.
He suggested me removal because if I don’t do this, possible recoveries of infections may occur.
So he did. He removed it under local anesthesia and everything went well, but there was constant bleeding after it. He examined the wound and he found that there was top of root stayed. So, he scheduled me for next operation called Apicoectomy next week. What should I suspect?


You have nothing to worry about, I insure you.
Removal of the very end of the root is called apicoectomy. In this procedure, the dental surgeon opens the gingival tissue near the tooth to examine the underlying bone and to remove any inflamed or infected tissue.
A small implant may be placed in the root to block the end of the root canal, and a few stitches are placed in the gingiva to help the tissue heal properly.
There are no possible complications of this procedure because it became routine this days.
You’ll probably need a month to recover completely from operation. There is one possible complication – bacterial superinfection of the wound and possible sinusitis.
That’s why you’ll probably get some antibiotics to use while your wound is healing.


You should have the troubling wisdom tooth removed if it is really such a problem.

Save the "apico's" for teeth closer to the front.