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hello, I hope someone can help me with a question regarding apicoectomy done on my eyetooth. I had surgery 8 days ago and am still in pain with minor swelling. The gums around the back of the tooth and surrounding teeth are sore. I also have numerous canker sores tha are painful as well.

I'm a little nervous because 8 yrs ago I had a root canal that gave me nothing but trouble for 4 months and it finally abcessed and had to be pulled. Of course, I then got a dry socket, more pain. Any help would be gratly appreciated Donna


Hi there,

The root end surgery that you had is not very simple and you have to understand that eight days for many operations is not enough to heal the wounds. The top of your root has been removed and cavity is filled with a material that is foreign to your body but in time you will adjust. This procedure is usually done when root canal has failed. There is always a risk that your nerves in the jaw got injured. If this is the cases than the only thing you can do is to talk to your doctor to check your teeth again and see what can be done to avoid any further complications. Good luck.