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Apple Cider Vinegar is good for artritis??


Hi! I was reading different stuff about apple, cider, vinegar but I haven’t tried it as there is no scientific proof for any of the claims apple, cider, vinegar does. It seems as if it is an old wives tale but that some people find it helpful.

Arthritis is associated with formation of acid crystals and hardening in the joints and tissues and apple cider vinegar is said to put these crystals into solutions and that they are flushed from the body. Many people who used it for arthritis 4 times a day reported that it slowed down the progression of the disease.

Those who specialize in arthritis also report that the benefits of vinegar are not proven for arthritis but that it doesn’t do any harm. The problem with arthritis is that it’s symptoms come and go and that patients may get the wrong impression that it was the vinegar that managed to cure the symptoms for the time being.