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how many tablespoons to use when I want to wash my face and how much water to mix with it to last a few days ??



So you are aware of the facts that apple cider vinegar is antibacterial, alkalizing, and soothing to the skin and you have decided to use it in your daily skin nourishment. it would be best to mix about 2-3 cups of distilled water with 1/2 cup raw organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar and in this way it is going to last longer. But don't use it every day because your skin is going to get adjusted and you are not gonna get benefits like you did. Instead of that use it few times a week and mix it into your moisturizing cream when applying it.

Did you try to use apple cider vinegar before or for some other purposes or this is your first time you are trying it?

My mother was using it when she was trying to lose some weight and it helped so I can't say anything against it.