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My husband is suffering from plaque psoriasis for years now, and ever since the winter started things are much worse. The plaques are now covered his whole leg and steroids aren’t doing anything to at least slow it down. From what I read online, many people had success in at least easing the problems by using glycerin and apple cider vinegar. We’re kind of afraid that apple cider vinegar might be too acidic to go directly on the skin, even if it’s diluted 50:50 with glycerin. I’ve also read some people add witch hazel to this mix, but I’m not sure if this makes any significant difference. We’re going to try apple cider vinegar and glycerin min on few spots and see what the results will be, but if anyone has any experience in using this mixture, we’d be grateful for any advice.



Hello!  I hope the apple cider vinegar helps your husband out with his psoriasis.  It would be much better than taking steroids and without the side effects. If you can treat something with natural remedies, I would do it.  Vinegar can be ingested as well which could benefit your husband.  I would like to hear some testimonies on vinegar and glycerin for psoriasis and how effective it has been for others.  I have seen vinegar-based solutions heal poison oak and radiation burns, so I would say go for it and see how it does.  It's an inexpensive way of taking care of your condition and without side effects.  Good luck!