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apple cider vinegar used to treat and lower Diabetic sugar levels


Over the centuries the vinegar was used for various different things, from salad dressing to killing weeds. But just recently studies showed that the apple cider vinegar could be very helpful health tonic. It has been proven that apple cider vinegar helps with several conditions like diabetes type 2 and obesity. There are some others who are claiming that apple cider vinegar can treat acne, allergies, arthritis, flu and sore throat but there are no scientific evidence to support these claims. But some studies which were conducted among people with diabetes type 2 showed that consuming apple cider vinegar before bedtime and the next morning has lowered levels of blood sugar for 4-6 %. And for hundreds of year's apple cider vinegar was used for weight loss and this is important if you are suffering from diabetes. But before you try with any kind of apple cider vinegar diet you should consult with your doctor.