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Hello everyone. I am about to take my first Capsiplex pill.

My mom bought them for me the other day. She isn’t very thrilled with the idea of me using it, but I really insisted on buying them.

 I heard that these pills are very effective. This girl I know allegedly lost around 15 pounds with them.

I really had a good feeling about these pills, but I just got off the phone with my best friend and now I am hesitant. She says these pills can have all sorts of side effects. Is this true?

Are any of those side effects hazardous?


She is right.

 I used Capsiplex a year ago. I don’t take good care of my health, so I somehow always end up taking anything that can help me in short term, regardless of what it can do to my organism latter.

 I remember when I took the first pill, everything was ok. I felt very energetic and I loved that thing about these pills.

But then, when the night came, I was not sleepy at all. Not even later at night. I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t. It kept me awake till morning. I have never had problems with insomnia before.



That energy you felt is probably the result of caffeine. While many people find this bad and categorize it as a Capsiplex ‘s side effect, I find it very useful. It keeps me more active, I have the energy to practice and to go to the gym more often. So I would definitely mark that as Capsiplex’s advantage.

As for the insomnia, it never happened to me. I mean, it did happen that I feel more energetic that usual in the evening, but I would usually find a good way to use that energy.:) I have never had troubles sleeping.

Other side effects include: panic attacks, tachycardia, dizziness and irritability.