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I had really funny experience today :) I was in pharmacy store, because I wanted to buy Akavar 20 / 50 diet pills :) I must say that I found out a lot of interesting things about it, and I have decided to try those pills. Now, I was at the box office and I asked that lady do they have Akavar 20 / 50 diet pills, and some older lady literally attacked me :D She told me that I am irresponsible, that I am using something that can harm me, that I am just one more silly girl :D 

I just step out of the line and I went home. Why she told me that? Can Akavar 20 / 50 diet pills cause serious side – effects?




I just can’t believe how some people can be rude. It is really frustrating. She is the smartest one, right :/ God bless her :) If she had something to tell you, she could do that in some nice way.

But, you don’t have to be worry. As far as I know, potential side – effects that Akavar 20 / 50 diet pills can cause are insomnia, restlessness and indigestion. If you didn’t consult your doctor, than you can have some bigger side – effects, such are difficulty breathing, signs of some allergic reaction, etc.

So, some of them can be serious, that is why you need to consult your doctor.

I hope you did, before you decide to buy them ;)




A few years ago, Akavar 20 / 50 was my only choice ever. I must say that I never wanted to try any other pills as well, because those were just an amazing result. While I was using them, I was following low carb diet program and I was going on Pilates. I just can’t describe you how happy I am with results. I don’t use those pills anymore, because I don’t need to use them. You maybe will not believe me, but I never got back my weight back. It is now always the same.

I am thrilled and if you have any chance, try it :)