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Anesthesia Progress published this month newest researcher results to theme “Is the Man really afraid of Dentist?”.

This research shows that the women are more likely to be honest about their feelings, but a male would be less likely to admit to being afraid of the dentist.

Mostly young and healthy males are these who often faint in the dental office.

Almost 6% of surveyed Canadians are very afraid of seeing dentist. Because of that most of them canceled the appointments by dentists, although it’s very good known for all of them that dental care isn't just a cosmetic issue.
The cavities and gum disease can lead to infection and to serious health issue if not treated at the right time.

Most of surveyed are afraid because of potential pain and use of general anesthesia or sedation may be one potential remedy for such patients.

According to the survey, 12.4 percent of respondents were definitely interested in those options, with another 42.3 percent expressing interest if the cost were not prohibitive.

Therefore it’s really important to visit your dentist often, to talk to them directly and to be honest, where is needed to admit your possible fear of dentists so the doctor could explain you every single detail about possible complications by dentist visit and all negative implications if you decline dentists help.


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