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So my guy rubbed his against my anus .. No penetration but not sure Abt precum and I wasn't sure if he might have touched my vagina hole while rubbing his against my anus.. Is there a chance I can be and please honestly I'm scared .. Thank you for ur help thank you


Whenever there is an unprotected sexual encounter there is a chance of pregnancy. Did he ejaculate or just pre-cum? IF he had pre-cum on his penis and then rubbed it against your vagina or anus he could get sperm in you. If the pre-cum on your anus dripped down into your vagina you can get pregnant. Chances are your probably not pregnant by this because its hard to get pregnant by transfer or dripping but its possible. All it takes is one sperm and there is more than one in most mens pre-cum. If your going to be having sexual encounters even though it may not be intercourse, you need to have him wear condoms to protect you from not only unwanted pregnancy but STD's. If you miss your next scheduled period by more than a week take a pregnancy test.