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What are symptoms of athsma and how do you get athsma?


There is this boy in my class that suffers from asthma. Once, a teacher has organized us a small lecture so we can understand Tom and hiss illness. Here is some stuff from the booklet that we got:

Wheezing, cough with or without sputum (phlegm) production, shortness of breath that is aggravated by exercise, breathing that requires increased work, intercostal retractions (pulling of the skin between the ribs when breathing).
Wheezing usually begins suddenly and it’s episodic. It may be worse at night or in early morning. It us aggravated by exposure to cold air or/and by exercise. It can also be aggravated by heartburn (reflux). It is resolved spontaneously and relieved by bronchodilators (drugs that open the airways).

Causes of asthma are still unknown to the modern medicine. It can be inherited and caused by environmental factors. It is not contagious. However, asthma can be triggered by allergy triggers. Pollens, dust mites, molds, pet dander or cockroach allergens can trigger it as well as respiratory infections, food, stress, cold air, exercise, tobacco smoke and other pollutants as well as drug allergies.