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My brother suffering from auditory hallucination since last 3 years.. What he hear is people's voice related to the traumatic experience he had 3 years back when those people threatened him.. and he thinks that the people who harrased him are not ready to leave him and they are after him.. According to him these people tell him bad words when he goes out or even goes in the compound of house facing road.. He feels that while driving these people wants to harm him..


He is on medication through a psychiatrist.. when he gets these hallucinations his mood drops, avoids going out of house, avoids going into a specific room which falls on the road-side.. gets less sleep at night, sometimes gets angry, He sometimes also asks as in why he should be taking these medicines and asks us that the people harrasing us should be taking it instead..


Only when he has these hallucinations he seem very unproductive otherwise he is absolutely allright.. He is in completion of his post graduation studies which are getting affected. When his exam dates near we sense his low mood. Is it possible that due to study related stress he gets these kind of hallucinations? Or will these hallucinations go away after his studies or if he opts to drop his studies? Would it be that in future if he encounter any stressfull situation he will/can have hallucinations? Is it possible to get rid of auditory hallucinations completely? How to manage it properly, any good treatments, home remedies,what should family members be doing/not do.. any help.. i am searching for it on internet quite often bt it hardly geting me any good material and the doctor gives medications only thats it and when required gives him counselling on the level which I being his sister could also give..


His life is getting affected a lot. He hardly would do anything throughout the day when he hear those voices. He is a very sincere person so manages his anger by lying on his bed and only gets angry on certain occasions where he wants to do something to stop those people or filing a police complaint against them.. We are very helpless and its very difficult for my parents to see their only son in this condition, if it would really be somebody harrasing him we would have helped him already, but even if we try explaining him that those people are gone and they are very busy in thier lives and they dont care about that issue anymore. We also lied by telling him that one of our relative had a talk with 1 of the person and discovered that they are all not bothered by my brother anymore.. we tried tellin him all this, but he still hallucinates once or twice a month. He might experience his auditory hallucinations even more than twice a month and he would avoid telling us as we sense it by his mood..


please advise..


I don't have an answer for you, but I can tell you that I understand what you are going through. My 15 year old daughter is going through the same thing. I am also at a loss, scouring the internet.  We have upped her meds, the therapist is useless. I have prayed to God to take the voices away that torment her. These voices tell her she is worthless and to harm herself, which she already tried in March.  I am a scared mom who just wants her daughter to have some peace. I wish there was an answer to this, a simple solution. I don't think there is and it is so unfair.